Poppy was originally the main character- a river 'rat' of sorts lost in the big city of Fairview. Then she was a toy discarded in a warehouse in the big city of Fairview. Then she became a living doll frolicking about on the Sargasso Islands, adjacent the big city state of Fairview. As the fourth book in the series is being completed, Poppy will finally make her proper debut, assuming a role that builds on the above, while helping to take SARGASSO in a bold new direction.

In the first part of this presentation were several drawings of Poppy. If you have forgotten what they were like, feel free to review them. Once I settled on the living doll concept, though, Poppy became locked in as an interpretation of Sadie, a character I modified from the original created by 3D Universe and available at New texture maps and hair made her into the character I wanted her to be. However, after the response to the first two books, I realized I had enough dynamic living dolls in Ariana's world already. Poppy would have to fulfill another role in the story if she was to be anything other than a perky and sometimes annoying character. When I split Book Three into two stories, I had the opportunity to properly explore Poppy's roots and develop the basic back story I had created. One morning as I woke up, all the facts of her existence rolled around in my head and a whole new Poppy emerged. This one will really work as it gives me the chance to use all the existing images and ideas as they existed, but build onto them another form that is Poppy's true nature.

Just scroll down. The first two drawings were sketches to resolve Poppy's design, using the Sadie doll as a jumping off point.

Here is, for comparison, the Sadie figure in its original form on the left and modified to match up with Poppy. Note the difference in the hair between the second and third images. I 'kit bashed' new hair for the look I was seeking.

Below is an image from Book One that summed up where Poppy was going at the time, based on the imagination of Ariana.

As I modified Ariana, I created some test images in Poser with the two models to see how they would work. Just in case you were wondering, Poppy is standing in front of Ariana in the right hand image.

Then came the modifications. Poppy would be rebuilt using the Victoria 4 model that had been the default framework for Ariana and the dolls. Adding the morphs from DAZ Studio's 'The Girl' and Aiko 4, I came up with this rather bizarre creation, placed beside the previous model for comparison. Judging by the decidely mute reaction from some who saw it, I knew as much as the character needed to change, that face just had to go. It's interesting when you see them side by side how 'toon' like the Sadie based model is. That gave me an idea...


This is Poppy in Book Four as the 'probe' created from the remains of Ariana's creation by the real Poppy as shown in the section below. The cushions look large, but only because the 'probe' is small. She is wearing the surgical smock that Poppy wore in Book Three.


With the re-imagination of Poppy through Books Three and Four, I decided to explore the idea of using nano technology to enable her to morph her appearance or even create mulitple bodies- each designed for specific purposes. Poppy could be a humanoid adult or a doll, both or more. With that, I reset the original Victoria 4 model and came up with what you see next. I haven't worked out a wardrobe yet, so this Poppy is seen only in her default state as a series of headshots. I used the same texture maps with the rosy cheeks as the first V4 version and kept a form of red hair, but went for a more realistic look. Honestly, I can hardly wait to draw her.

Poppy in a harsh light with lipstick has a slighlty villainous quality to her in these images. Readers of the series can look forward to some interesting times ahead of them.

This is the first image of Poppy that appeared in Book Four. The elaborate costume says much about what we can expect from her. Blending into early 20th century society is clearly not a priority. Below is another drawing, done before this costume was designed.


Morgan came into existence fully formed and thus required little modification. For Book Two, where she first appeared, I used a morph of the Laura model from DAZ Studio called Darlana as the starting point. Physically, the proportions were right and with modifications by me, I had Morgan in the computer looking a lot like the Morgan of the first drawing in no time. This was after Morgan became a raven haired girl and lost the blonde locks you see in a development concept picture with a very early Poppy.

My first drawing of Morgan alongside an 'antique' photo of her using the Darlana model.

I then experiemented with her hair, making her a blonde for a spell and even creating an 'antiqued' test piece with her clutching Poppy.

With Emily and others in the story already being blonde and with deciding the Morgan needed an olive complexion, I went back to black in the image and tried the same composition with the new hair.

Here is Morgan in colour. In the drawing gallery, there are other images of her as presented in the books. When I decided to harmonize all the female models on the Victoria 4 platform, I gave Morgan a run through the process. The image on the right is the result.

And here is a comparision between the Darlana Morgan and the Victoria Morgan.

Of course, there are other characters- both male and female. As the members of the cast covered in these three sections of the SARGASSO gallery required the most attention and growth for me as their artist, I have only focused on them. As in other projects, I will add more to these pages as time and character development allows me.

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