CORRUPTED is a gift that fell in my lap one summer. I was approached to assist the designers- Paul Donald and Jeff Scott with the creation of the characters they wanted to include in this game back in June 2010. Designed for an XBox style platform, this 'indie' game is an RPG, with you playing the 'evil' knight who is trying to steal the princess and fighting everyone who gets in your way. Paul and Jeff have a website devoted to the creation of CORRUPTED and it explains the nuts and bolts of the game better than I could as a person who actually doesn't play much in the way of video games.

You can find them at www.onlyluck.ca/corrupted/.

Yup. I don't play much in the way of video games. But don't think that put me at a disadvantage in the process. Because I was relatively untouched by the gamer's world, I found I could approach the design work with a perspective that was uninfluenced by anything I'd seen there. When Paul and Jeff mentioned the game was 'Zelda-ish' in its make-up, I simply asked people I knew- mainly students- what they meant and suddenly I was inundated with great resources to visualize where CORRUPTED would go. With that as a starting point, the adventure began.

The following pages will show the creative process I used in taking Paul and Jeff's ideas and trying to flesh them out. Simply click on the links below and read on, dear friends.


CORRUPTED Rough Concepts and Templates

Final Character Designs

The Cover Art and Logo


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