I thank you for the time you have taken in looking at my website, viewing the art, and reading the essays. Hopefully, the experience has been enjoyable, and you will visit again. It is my intention to upgrade fairly regularly with new images, particularly in the Rocket Girls files, where most of my work is currently being done. However, that does not mean you should dismiss the other sections, as I will be adding new work to them too.

Now...on to the issue of commissions and sales of work. I do sell my work, and have taken commissions from time to time. If you are seriously interested in doing business, send me an e-mail and we can see what may be done. I'll let you know in future updates about the Rocket Girls kitsch as it becomes available. Most of that will probably be done as commission work, too.

If you have any comments about the website- nice ones, please- contact me at the above address. If you want to add this site as a link, please contact me first guessed it, the e-mail address.


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