I was born in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada on January 7, 1964. I grew up in Brampton, Ontario, attended post-secondary studies at the University of Toronto, graduating in 1987 with a Bachelors Degree in English and History, with a Minor in Sociology. I stayed on another year and collected a Masters Degree in Modern Military History and Anglo-American relations. From there, I left to work with the Brampton Public Library as a Library Technician, organizing programming for children. In 1990, I returned to the University of Toronto to complete my Bachelor of Education degree and became an employee of the Durham District School Board in 1991.

In the years since I started, I shifted my teaching interests from English and History to Visual Arts and Media. To support this change in direction, I upgraded my skills through taking courses in Photography and Multimedia at Durham College, and in taking a computer course at the International Academy of Design in Toronto. I have also taught art privately, and through institutions like Curry's Art in Whitby, Ontario, and the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa, Ontario.

Among other things I've done is act as a staff advisor for the school yearbook, facilitated art shows for our annual open house, built up the Visual Arts program using new technologies and teaching practices, participated in Board initiatives on Differentiated Instruction and Assessment, the literacy celebration project called PENSTROKES, and organized several professional development seminars on Poser and D.I. for the Arts.

In my past, I have been involved the local arts world. In 1997, I received a Civic Arts Achievement award from the City of Brampton, for work I had done at the national level. I have exhibited twice at the National Aviation Museum in Ottawa, have also had work displayed at the Durham District School Board offices, the Granite Club, the Brampton Public Library, participated in the Mayor's calendar project for the City of Brampton in 1996, acted as a photographer for the band Ghost Road, won an honourable mention in an international postcard art show, and had work published in an alphabet book published by Visual Arts Brampton. I have sold artwork ranging from landscapes to aviation themes to collectors in Canada and the United Kingdom.

In 1999, I created the Rocket Girls, later known as the Kaiten Angels, as part of a Millennium project hosted by Visual Arts Brampton. The first piece appeared in an alphabet book published by V.A.B., created from a drawing scanned in Photopaint and coloured using that software. Over the years that followed, more images were created, along with story outlines, a short story- never published- and several calendars given to friends and associates. The characters became more computer generated, with less drawing involved up until the release of the last calendar in 2007. After that, I began work on my current project, called SARGASSO. Three books will have been published in the series by Christmas 2010, with the fourth on the way soon after. The story and art are both created by me and the books may be purchased at


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